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Who are we?

We are young Belgian tomato growers. Fourth generation. We grew up peacefully in and around our family’s greenhouses, albeit in rapidly changing times. As young entrepreneurs, we dare to question the traditions of our industry, always striving passionately to deliver top quality and maximum transparency. We believe in short lines from grower to eater. No detours, no compromises. Each tomato flies straight from our plant into your mouth. Welcome to Fresh House!

Our tomatoes

All our tomatoes are available in different packaging formats. Interested in another type of packaging? Contact us for a custom solution!

Losbol tomatoes

Cheeky as they are, our tomatoes are always in the mood for fun. Visit the Losbol website to join the party!

Party hardy with Losbol

Crunchy, crazy & spirited

The star of our range, Pablo has a powerful taste and a remarkable, crunchy bite. His beautiful deep red skin and bright green stem make Pablo a real eyecatcher. Can’t stop munching on this spirited tomato? That’s because of its perfect sweet-sour balance. Pablo is the ultimate healthy snack on the go, at school or at work, and ideal for cooking the most delicious meals at home.

Premium flavour

crunchy bite, deliciously sweet and subtly acidic


  • Cardboard Losbol dish and flowpack (350 grams)
  • Cardboard Losbol cup (500 and 250 grams)
  • Cardboard Losbol box for cherry tomato vines (3 kilograms)
  • Cardboard Losbol box for separate snack tomatoes (4 kilograms)

Spicy, sensual & sizzling

This elegant tomato stands out for its unique oval shape. Its pure and intense taste is nice and sweet, yet surprises the taste buds with a spicy undertone. Suzanna is the perfect tomato to serve as an appetizer, to eat as a snack or to use in your tastiest dishes.

Premium flavour

intensely sweet with a spicy undertone


  • Cardboard Losbol cup (500 and 250 grams)
  • Cardboard Losbol box (4 kilograms)

Firm, meaty & familiar

A traditional vine tomato as it should be: firm and meaty. Because Fonzy is so versatile in the kitchen, you can use this tomato to cook anything from a classic tomato soup to Italian sauces.


Tasty AND meaty


  • 5 kilograms including a Losbol slip sheet

Fresh, fantastic & flamboyant

A fresh little tomato with a slightly acidic taste. Small yet meaty, Manou is the perfect match for all sorts of salads.


freshly acidic, small yet meaty


  • Losbol dish and flowpack (250 and 500 grams)
  • Losbol box for separate cherry tomatoes (4 kilograms)

Fresh House in numbers

4th generation of tomato growers – “We speak tomato.”
365 days of constant care and devotion to grow quality tomatoes
Our tomatoes are distributed in 4 countries
85% of our tomatoes are destined for the Belgian market
100,000 bumblebees pollinate the flowers of our plants each year

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