Privacy Policy 

We as Fresh House BV, would like to take the utmost care with regards to your personal data. This privacy statement informs you how we handle this data.

Fresh House BV, BE0675.481.967, registered at Mechelbaan 685,2580 Putte, will act as controller with respect to your personal data which is collected when using our website, in particular your name, e-mail, telephone number, address and other data you have given us.

(Fresh House BV: Hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our”, or “controller”)

Personal data

Personal data consists of information from identifiable persons, based on specific characteristics, such as Economic, Physical and Psychological. These characteristics are so typical that a person can be (in) directly designated.

Fresh House BV, as controller, will supervise the correctness of the data and the relevance. irrelevant data will be corrected or removed.


Data controllers within the company will only have limited access to personal data. Those responsible will only receive thinformation that is necessary to perform their task. This way, we as Fresh House BV want to offer as well as possible an appropriate level of security.  

Purpose of processing 

The purpose of processing is to collaborate with Fresh House BV as well as to ensure smooth operations within our company. The purpose of the processing can be described as data necessary for: 

  • Customers and supplier records; 
  • Billing and / or agreements 
  • Website analysis: improve user experience 
  • Answering questions that were asked via the contact form on the website 
  • Information when using the website, such as IP address, geographical location, frequency of visit, etc. with the aim of optimizing the user experience of the website and to coordinate our services.

Legal basis of processing 

Personal data is processed on the basis of Article 6.1 of the General Data Protection Regulation: 

  • Consent
  • To be able to carry out deliveries and agreements.
  • To answer questions and communicate our services.
  • To evaluate processing and service.
  • To inquire about products, services and events. 

Retention period and right as an individual

After termination of the collaboration, the collected personal data will be kept for as long as is legally necessary for, among other things, accounting data, fraud and disputes as well as to offer ouservices and products. This period has been set at 10 years, unless other legal retention periods apply that require a longer retention.   

If you wish to examine, delete, limit or correct the gathered personal data, we will grant you these rights. This request must be made by email to or by post to our address where Fresh House BV is officially registered. We as Fresh House BV will formulate an answer to your request within a reasonable period of 5 weeks. 


If questions, comments or complaints arise from the collection of your personal data,  you can always contact us by mail via or by post to the address of our registered office. 

We should also point out that you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels; 

Sharing of data

Your personal data will usually be processed by Fresh House BV only. However, there are a number of unlimited exceptions: 

  • If Fresh House BV uses a supplier for a specific service or transaction: This supplier includes Google AnalysticsWordPress and Combell. 
  • If Fresh House would be legally obliged to share certain data, for example in disputes, fraud or for the protection of another individual. 
  • Fresh House BV also uses social media. On our website you can find links to these specific media, such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. If you click on the icons, these third parties might be permitted to collect your personal data from your profile, which is beyond our control.

Your personal data will not be shared to a country outside the EEA or international organization. 


Our website uses cookies. For further information, we refer to our Cookie Policy. 


By using our services and website, you accept our privacy statement. In addition, changes to this Privacy Policy might be made. Therefore, you can always find the most recent version online on our website or inquire additional information by mail.  

Upon request, the Privacy Policy can be provided in French or German.